The abode of Mr. Niyazudeen and family sits on the ECR stretch on a 1 ground   ( 40’ x 60’) site, where the cool breeze from the beach streams in keeping the place disconnected from the hustle bustle of Chennai. This house was designed keeping in mind the Islamic morals and religious beliefs of the habitants.

                   One of the main concerns of the client was to bring natural light into the interior spaces and this was done through various methods.

This house is designed in a way  with a courtyard being the welcoming element and the living and dining areas wraping around it where one could step inside and get lost in the greens. This also makes the design an introvert one, connecting the major spaces inside the house to the courtyard , thus creating a sense of privacy for the ladies while also ensuring a smooth and seamless connection to nature

The tall volume in the living room  was designed specifically to foster visual connectivity from both levels with the greenery outside. 

Each bedroom opens to a private court which has its own skylight  allowing  ample amount of light to be enter inside house throughout the day and adding a fresh touch to the entire interior décor..

These courtyards are also designed with perforated openings to have an aesthetic appeal and provide a semi enclosed feel to the courtyards by bringing in a certain level of privacy to the residents.

The solid walls of the rooms were replaced with sliding doors  and wooden screens to let light flow freely and to facilitate cross ventilation and interaction between the interior and exterior. This minimalistic home with clean open well lit spaces thus gives the feeling that Just living is not enough .One must have sunshine, freedom and atleast a little flower inside their home sweet home